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Senior Living

5 ways to treat your family (and yourself) and save money this holiday
5 tips for an efficient and safe moving day
6 holiday travel hacks to save your sanity
Winter weatherproofing: Preparing your home to stay safe and save energy
At-home hacks: When cough or cold strikes, strike back
Flu season is coming. Are you prepared to stop its spread?
Play Through the Pain: 5 Tips to Minimize Sports-Related Pain
Five Show House Trends to Inspire Your Renovation
Tips for embracing the benefits of natural light
From boots to business: Veterans give tips to fellow entrepreneurs
Unique budget-friendly gifts for $20 or less
Slippery season: Mayo Clinic offers 10 tips for avoiding falls
5 must-do tasks for any home maintenance checklist
Tips to honor veterans on Veterans Day ... and every day
Mexican Cheese is Hot Right Now: A Queso Primer
6 simple ways to lower your sugar intake
Supporting our veterans, now and in the future
How to assemble a holiday cheeseboard guaranteed to impress
4 tips to keep pantry pests off your holiday invite list this year
3 technology challenges for entrepreneurs and how to handle them
6 things you should know about your health savings account (HSA)
What's making noise in your attic?
Deck the halls with cherry preserves! Give your holidays a healthy twist
The Cord-Cutter's Dilemma
Tips to protect your 'tail'gate
Drivers dabble with drive-time decisions
7 succulent spices that can support your healthy lifestyle
Top exterior trends to inspire your 2019 home projects
Family farmers from across the country talk turkeys
Can too much potassium be harmful? What you need to know if you have a chronic condition
I care for my 100-year-old mom, and here's how I've learned to take care of myself too
How parents can encourage and support imaginative play
Merry Merry Meatballs! 5 Ways to Serve Up Meatballs for the Holidays
5 tips for navigating Medicare Open Enrollment
5 Medicare mistakes that could cost you
Alzheimer's and dementia caregivers: What you need to know
Despite Challenges, Caregiving Comes with Many Rewards [Infographic]
How to save on your healthcare costs in 2019
Hepatitis C testing important for veterans
Fighting the good fight: 5 misconceptions about U.S. poverty
Long-term HIV survivors reassure others: 'You are never alone'
Access to Safe and Affordable Drugs is a Right, Not a Privilege
Know your enemy: Bed bugs
Treating Mental Illness in the United States: Go Beyond Healthcare
5 tips for a mobile man cave that rivals home
How to Eat Like a Local in El Salvador
Couple Faces Unpredictability of MS Together
4 insurance myths and misconceptions dispelled
Love your leftovers with these smart and safe tips
High-tech appliance trends from the House Beautiful Whole Home Project Concept House
Make your tailgating party the hotspot
The power of play
Job opportunities in manufacturing benefit America's veterans
Wheelchair damage is a frequent risk for disabled travelers
How women can take control of the retirement income gender gap
5 ways to prep your home's exterior for cold weather pest problems
5 secrets to brewing the perfect cup of coffee at home
Three workouts everyone over 60 needs
3 things small businesses can do to compete in the talent war
Considering a composite deck? Here are expert answers to homeowners' most common questions
Supporting Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients During Breast Cancer Awareness Month
4 things you should do to boost your fat IQ
Meaningful ways to connect different generations during the holidays
Pickled onions add healthy kick to any dish
Tips from an executive pastry chef for simple holiday entertaining
3D printing is reimagining the way we live today
Respite care: What it is and how it can change your life
5 tips for staying calm, cool and collected when you're always on the go
Oh deer! How to keep hungry herbivores out of your yard all year-round
5 tips to plan the perfect game day
Forget 'wine rules': 4 unconventional wine pairings for guys
LASIK: Why it's important to talk with your eye doctor
How to keep pests out of your chimney
3 Steps to Help Manage Depression
3 alarming places where germs are hiding in your kitchen
The best way to buy beauty products without stepping in a store
Busted: 5 of the biggest holiday myths
Take a road trip through Arkansas for the best fall foliage views
5 things to know to help your pet live a healthier life
Simple health tips for busy moms
Simplicity and savings trigger flip phone comeback
Prepare your backyard now and create a safe haven for birds in bad weather
Fun and accessible STEM resources for kids
Chew on this: New eye vitamin tablets may help those with difficulty swallowing pills
Prevent these 4 winter home problems now
Tips to give your pet a happy, healthy fall
5 Real-life Examples of Ordinary People Who Made an Extraordinary Difference
Touring through the best Italian wines
Fall-ify your routine: Transitional skincare tips and tricks
Generic prescriptions save lives ... and money, too
Opioids: How physician anesthesiologists are treating pain responsibly
5 steps to building and designing a sustainable, energy-efficient home
A guide to getting your home and yard winter-ready
Make a fashion statement ... with hearing aids?
Financial Planning Month: 5 things you can do to take the fear out of your finances
Open for business but also open for hackers?
Go pro: 5 times to seek professional financial advice
How to make sure your door hardware makes the grade
Avoid chilling accidents with these tips to winterize your home
Know Thrombosis: Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Dangerous Blood Clots
Dual Special Needs Plans help people enrolled in Medicare get additional benefits
Simple steps to stay healthy during cold and flu season
Why fall is one of the best seasons to build a deck
How women business owners cracked the glass ceiling
What parents need to know about bullying
5 reasons a legal plan is a voluntary benefit you need
Safe and effective: Choose physical therapy for your back pain
5 Tips to Savvy Shopping for Next Year's Medicare Prescription Drug Plan
Crunchy, crispy, juicy: 5 warm comfort foods featuring apples
Low-salt diets may cause serious problems for seniors
Integrate accessories for added luxury
Beyond Calcium: 5 Proven Supplements for Women over 40
Balancing 2 (or more) generations under one roof
Me, myself and eye: 5 common behaviors that could be hurting your eyes
Hurricane Florence: What to watch out for during recovery
Debunking myths about grocery store staples
Helpful advice for couples in search of intimacy after prostate cancer
Rats! How these rodents can ruin your day
National Seafood Month: 5 reasons to choose sustainable seafood
13 moving hacks that could save time, money and sustainability
Life skills 101: 4-H empowers happy campers
Protect yourself: Learn the truth behind 4 common myths about life insurance
One woman's struggle with sickle cell disease and 3 things she wishes you knew
Take a second look at your homebuying options
From deductibles to donuts, key terms to know about Medicare Part D
Best friends walk across America to raise money and awareness for veterans
Back to basics: The importance of real grass
Newborn to 13+: Car safety tips for kids of all ages
This Season the Hygge Design Trend is Back and Bold
Chemical conundrum: 5 ways to keep pesticides away from your kids
8 home security hacks recommended by police
6 tips for shopping in Guadalajara
The 5 podcasts you should be listening to right now
5 steps to protect your home from rodents this fall
Making it count: 5 tips for choosing a health plan
Visiting Philadelphia? Try West Philly for vibrant culture and cuisine
10 ways to beef up your tailgating game
Know a youth volunteer? Awards deadline is Nov. 6
It's anniversary time for this fun-loving digital dragon
Are Americans saving enough for retirement?
Things to know if you have COPD
What does the shortfall of truck drivers mean for the economy?
30-minute Mediterranean meals with grapes
The truth behind food labels
How to spot and treat 4 common children's health Issues
Recognizing a true Hall of Fame dad
Choose wisely: Complete vs. incomplete proteins
How to properly store summer clothes to avoid a pest infestation
3 questions to ask when looking for your new HVAC unit
Regular eye checkups key to cognitive health
6 ways public broadcasting serves local communities
Want better workplace results? Research says take it outside
Uncommon - but important - baby safety steps
Your eyes as you age: Tips to help reduce the risk of Age-related Macular Degeneration
How a healthy gut can be good for your well-being
Using Land in lieu of A Mortgage Down Payment
10 ways to live your best life at any age [Infographic]
3 tire safety tips for end of summer
Do you really need less salt?
7 savvy ways to save on your next trip
Life-saving dialysis at 19 leads to career in nursing
7 Dip Recipes to Make This Fall
7 healthy, kid-approved lunchbox ideas
New home? 6 steps for preventing pests from moving in
Don't have time to walk and meditate? Try them together
A vacation deprivation crisis: Americans are not using their PTO
5 ways play and learning go hand-in-hand
Why kids have a shortage of free time and what parents can do about it
Remake your bathroom with these luxurious hotel-inspired trends
5 tips to help party guests feel welcome
3 tips to make meal prep into an enjoyable family activity
Battling back-to-school pest problems
3 reasons fall is a great time for roofing
What does the color of your home reveal about you?
7 surprising benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles
Hearing better on and off the stage
Three tax savings strategies for a secure retirement to try right now
5 back-to-school tips for parents with young athletes
Four simple ways to tune up your nutrition and live healthier longer
Why Myrtle Beach is the perfect fall vacation for families
Good gut gone bad: The C. diff Invasion
Why public transit is a key economic issue for growing cities
Take control of your personal information
A child's wish to help save lives
6 simple tips to prevent a fall
New technology promotes healthy aging in place
10 tips to design a stylish bathroom for living in place
Bathroom customization: Stylish options for styling needs
Historic Women's Baseball World Cup unfolds Aug. 22-31 on Florida's Space Coast
Cancer care costs on the rise: How to get help
Laugh, learn and lunch: Tips for bonding with kids over cooking
4 ways to use technology to simplify your home buying process
Switching gears and succeeding: Inspiration to find your next career
4 natural ways to support your child this school year
5 reasons to snack on strawberries
Easy entertaining and recipe tips from celebrity chef Katie Lee
9 savvy traveler hacks that will save time, money and headaches
Tire confidential: Tips on picking the right one for you
3 Things You Didn't Know About Chocolate - And Why You Should Care
5 yard updates you can complete in a fall weekend
Do you know how that new supplement will affect your existing medication regimen?
Celebrate the season! 5 ways to get your yard party-ready
4 tips to mitigate home improvement costs
CDC: How to navigate vaccinations for your family
5 bucket list-worthy destinations for your next cruise
Why leftover opioids are dangerous and what you can do
5 hazards on the road to the Medicare Part D plan that's best for you
5 simple tips for a low-maintenance lawn
5 ways to beat the heat this summer
Age-related macular degeneration: What you should know
Beginning a workout at any age or skill level
5 insider tips to plan an unforgettable African vacation
Antibiotics are Powerful Tools for Fighting Infections and Sepsis, but Must be Used Appropriately
5 simple tips to stay connected during back-to-school season
Military move? 5 key tips that can smooth the way
Pollution protection: 5 easy tips for combating the environment's effects on skin
The proactive parent's checklist for back-to-school success
Wisconsin landmark celebrates 100th birthday
Top tips for choosing the best flowers and plants for home interior spaces
Your summertime prescription: Sweet cherries
Your summer adventure guide to bug-free exploration
4 ways gardening is good for you
Non-gamers: What you need to know about the biggest trend sweeping households
3 reasons why small and medium-sized businesses should consider digital
Regenerative medicine in action: Age-Repair Defensins turn the table on facial aging
Considering a new deck? Avoid these pitfalls
Before you renovate, have you considered this?
3 elements to create a dream bathroom sanctuary
Give pets the ultimate mealtime experience
Before you stop taking cholesterol medication, consider this
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